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How it all began...

Back in the late 1980s we were a bunch of friends whose families liked playing music together. At a party in John K’s  we started playing as a band and this became Cupar Ceilidh which played in pubs and ceildh’s for a while. After its  founder member and accordion lead, John M, left to go overseas, we went dormant for some months and then emerged as the fiddle-led Clamjamfry some time in 1989 or 1990 and have been playing ever since.

The original line up was Des, John, Hugh and Mark (the fiddler). In 1992 we were joined by Chris, and after Mark left to go to university John, Des, Chris and Hugh have remained as the core line up.

Since then we often have a fifth player – a young “apprentice”. Initially,  this was  David Mac, then David T (Hugh’s son),  later Chris’s son Greg, then it was John's sons - first Daniel then James. All of these have left home for university and other careers and two or three of them are in their own bands now. Currently it is the turn of Chris's youngest son Bernard to take up the "apprentice" slot.  

The band have busy day jobs - or busy retirment for two of us. So the band is our number one hobby and we like to keep it fun, as people tend to notice!

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