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Here are just a few comments from gigs:

Hi Chris ! I just want to thank you all again for helping to make my retirement and 60 th celebrations a very special night did me . I did not chat to you guys half as much as I'd liked to have done ! It was a busy night for me ! I shall certainly be recommending your band to anyone who asks !! You were great!

Hi Chris, I wanted to say a big thank you for helping Emma and I make our wedding so special. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and the ceilidh was certainly a major highlight. You guys were fantastic. Many of our guests also commented as much. There was a great energy in the room which continued for the rest of the night. I really liked the mix of the classic dances with a few new ones thrown in.  We will definitely be recommending Clamjamfry to our friends. Please pass on our thanks to the rest of the band. 

Hi Chris,  I think I can safely say that thanks to you and the band, we enjoyed our most successful St Patrick's night ever. I was struck by how accommodating you and the band were, nothing seemed too much trouble and your musicianship and breadth of repertoire made for a perfect night.

Hi,  I heard of you from … who must have had the pleasure of your company in the past. You sound just great, especially for a family night with young and old.

Hi Chris,I just wanted to say thank you very much for you and your bandmates performance at our wedding. We really enjoyed it and many of the guests  commented on what a great Ceilidh band you guys were and were complimentary about the variety of dances. 



Chris, I just wanted to say the world's most enormous thank you for the band's efforts on Saturday at our wedding - we always knew you'd be completely amazing and you were FANTASTIC!. Absolutely everyone there has told us how much they enjoyed the dancing and how wonderful you were ....just please pass on our thanks to the whole band from a very happy pair of newlyweds!!  Best wishes (and hope we get to dance to you again soon!)



Just a note to say thanks for the good music last Friday.  Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves...... We have had so many positive remarks from them, then and since.  



Hi Chris

......It was such a great day and night, and so many people commented on how they enjoyed the band, so a big thanks to you, Hugh, Des and the rest of the band for a superb night to remember for the rest of our lives. 



Hiya Chris,
Yea it was a really good night, everybody says that!! Thanks you were one of the best all round celigh bands i'v ever heard. You are really hard working and everybody enjoyed the dancing and singing! Thanks again for a really good night!! Oh by the way can i book you for my 60th! 


Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered…


What sort of music do you play?:  It’s quite a range really! The core is lots of fast Irish and Scottish jigs and reels and some slower tunes too, while Des and John have quite an extensive song repertoire. Des teaches all the usual ceilidh dances (Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sergeant, Strip the Willow, waltzes…) plus some other less well known dances including the Flying Scotsman (which can get a bit wild) and one or two folk dances from Brittany, Sweden etc. We also like playing some non-ceilidh stuff,  especially at weddings - a bit of rock and roll,  a few slow songs to smooch along to,  even a  twist and a tango. (No,  we’re not a ballroom dance band – we just sometimes like an excuse to sing a couple of songs that happen to be in tango rhythm – so people might as well dance while we are enjoying ourselves!) 


What sort of events do you play for? Any kind of Ceilidh -  for any excuse:  Birthdays 21st and decade birthdays thereafter seem to be a good excuse,  but so are weddings, christenings and all sort of events that need to be celebrated. About half of our bookings nowadays are for weddings – and these do get booked well in advance so book early!


Many of our friends have never been to a ceilidh – does that matter? Not at all. We think that ceilidhs can be great fun for everyone, and like to see everyone having a chance to dance. Over the years we’ve played for all sorts of crowds, from those who know all the dances, to those who’ve never heard of a “dashing white whatsit?” and blush at the sound of a strip the willow!  So we can teach anything from a Gay Gordons to the less well known ones. We also introduce one or two dances that some of the most ardent ceilidh fans won’t even know – so that is a great leveller (sometimes literally).  Des “calls” all the dances, and for some of them the other band members will get down on the dance floor and help out, so you won’t be stuck – and are at high risk of enjoying yourself.


Can we hear your band so that we know what we’re getting?

The easiest way to get some idea of our sound is by listening to our medley of bits and pieces of tracks on this website. Click on the MUSIC DEMO button. Or if you have any difficulty accessing that, ring us on 07825 382289 and ask for our demo CD.  Alternatively  come and see us at one of our ceilidhs (one that’s not a wedding or other private event). We’ll let you know about forthcoming ceilidhs that you could look in on.


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